💊Wushi Capsule

Wushi Capsules serve as containers that hold characters within the Wushi Land game. These characters are responsible for generating new capsules, enabling the entry of new players into the game and thereby making our economy more sustainable. The supply of capsules is limited, and after all NFTs are sold, new players can only enter through Wushi Capsules generated by players.

The importance of Wushi Capsules lies in their role in sustaining the economy of Wushi Land, a game where players can generate new capsules containing characters. These capsules serve as a gateway for new players to enter the game, ensuring its ongoing growth and vitality. By controlling the supply of capsules and introducing new players, Wushi Capsules contribute to the ecosystem's sustainability and long-term success.

To create Wushi Capsules, players need to gather the necessary items, some $Wushi tokens, and wait for the crafting time. After the crafting process is complete, they will receive their capsules. Then, players have various options: they can use or sell the capsules in the marketplace, send them as gifts to friends, or even stake them to earn rewards.

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