🆓F2P - Be a villager

Free to Play

In our game, players have the option to play as guests on lands for free. However, to start farming resources, they need to obtain permission from the landowner. It's a security measure to ensure that the land is used responsibly and that all participants are aware of the rules.

After receiving authorization from the landowner, players can begin the farming process. It's important to note that a percentage of the resources obtained during farming will be allocated to the landowner as compensation for the use of the space. The exact percentage is determined by the landowner themselves and may vary according to their preferences and prior agreements.

This approach not only encourages a healthy and collaborative gaming community but also provides an opportunity for landowners to receive fair compensation for their investment and the provision of space for other players. By promoting this equitable dynamic, we aim to create an environment where everyone can mutually benefit and enjoy the gaming experience fairly and transparently.

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