ðŸ§ąCraft System

In the village of Wushi Land, nestled among majestic mountains and tranquil forests, lies a special place where the ancestral secrets of craftsmanship are revealed. This is the heart of the Craft System, where masters Hiroshi and Kaito, renowned for their skill and wisdom, share their knowledge with aspiring artisans.

Hiroshi and Kaito embody centuries of tradition and expertise, passing down the craft's secrets to future generations. With skilled hands and keen minds, they transform simple materials into masterpieces, each imbued with the history and essence of Wushi Land.

Below you can see some of the items that can be crafted in Wushi Land:

⇰ Pets

⇰ Capsules Wushi Character

⇰ Weapons

⇰ Potions

⇰ Glider

⇰ Boat

⇰ Hunt Equipments

⇰ Mining Equipment

⇰ Farm Equipment

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