📜How to Play

Here you will find the necessary information to explore Wushi Land. Where adventure awaits around every corner and hidden secrets are revealed to brave explorers. Prepare to embark on an epic journey through lush landscapes, facing exciting challenges, and uncovering the mysteries that permeate this vast and enchanting universe. With this guide in hand, you will be ready to unravel the secrets of Wushi Land and become a true Samurai in this land of legends and wonders. May your journey be filled with emotions and may you discover the most extraordinary aspects of this fascinating realm. Welcome to the Wushi Land!

ðŸūpageBasics🧚‍♂ïļpageWushi CharacterðŸēpageWushi Pets🐉pagePet Rarity and Stats⚔ïļpageWushi Weapons🆓pageF2P - Be a villager⚡pageEnergy🎒pageScholarshipðŸ§ąpageCraft System💊pageWushi Capsule🎰pageThe Gambling House🏊pageWushi Store🏆pageRanking

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